I started seeing Robyn to get my neck treated. I have a vestibular disorder that can result in dizziness. The work she does on my neck keeps it flexible and supple – I sleep better and have had an easier time managing my disorder. The massage has been an important part of my treatment plan. Additionally, I live with someone who needs to be protected from COVID. Robyn’s safety measures have not slipped and I feel safe going there.


I have been visiting Robyn at WSM for a number of years for relaxation therapies. Last year I suffered a severe nerve impingement, brought on from poor posture while working from home with my laptop sat on my lap, dining table or on the couch arm. This is doubtless going to be an increasingly common occurrence post pandemic restrictions. A lengthy visit to ER resulted in nothing other a dismissive recommendation to “Grin & bare it with pain killers & insert name of heat rub here for the next few months”. The following day I contacted WSM & outlined what happened the day before, a cream was recommended to be applied which I managed to get prescribed from a pharmacy, before I could be fitted in for an appointment. Over the last few months using the cream, with suggested changes to my ergonomic setup, sleeping position, increasing my water intake & with typically one (I would much prefer to go twice a week) session a week, I have regained almost normal sensation & mobility to my hand with no actual arm or shoulder pain, so much so that I have been for the last month or so been able to stop taking painkillers, purely to be able to function in the day or sleep at night. I am at a conservative estimate 80% there in getting back to normal, the healing & recovery would have been much faster but was hindered by my part-time work which puts stress & strain on the affected nerve impingement. I suffered a setback when I had to cease visits due to finances & resumed them when able to. after a number of sessions my thumbs numbness from the impingement had all but gone. In conclusion the time & money could not have been better spent other than by visiting Robyn for treatment of the impingement.

Mark York

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